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KEY QUESTION: Identification of error source in your establishment

The overwhelming day-to-day business operation often means that entrepreneurs cannot find time to carry out detailed anylyzes of their own operation. Sources of error can therefore not be uncovered. This prevents operations from a long term development and from crises being recognized at an early stage. ENNEMOSER CONSULTING can assist in identifying the sources of error in your establishment and calculate your optimization potential:

  • Detailed key figure analysis of your establishment
  • Comparision with industry benchmarks
  • Identification and development of solutions to eliminate error sources
  • Creation of a tailor-made budget
  • monthly target/actual comparison with deviation analysis and reporting
  • Implementation of a controlling system

    Innsbruck, December 2019

KEY QUESTION: Shaping the future successfully

When the time comes to hand over your "lifetime achievement" to a worthy successor many questions will arise: Is the business "ready for a takeover"? What are the opportunities and risks associated with this takeover? How will this business succession be favorably regulated?

ENNEMOSER CONSULTING can provide you with valuable tips and advices:

  • Ensure that there is sufficient time for the planning period, the preparation phase will take 5 to 10 years
  • Check the ability and the willingness of this takeover
  • Choose experts of trust for economic, tax and legal advice and support
  • An essential aspect is an open communication between transferee and successor - "everything is on the table"
  • Development of a step stone using clearly defined milestones

    Innsbruck, December 2019

KEY QUESTION: Are you aware of your profitability

Many hotel and catering establishments are able to continuously increase their revenues, a lot remains to be done with regard to profitability.  Earning power is the key indicator for determining the business performance and is often not calculated due to a variety of reasons.

ENNEMOSER CONSULTING can support you in optimizing your profitability of your business:

  • Budgeting of sales and revenues
  • Comparing of TARGET vs. ACTUAL figures
  • Budgeting and controlling of operational expenses
  • Reporting

    Innsbruck, December 2019

KEY QUESTION: What is the value of my hotel property?

There are various reasons for the need of such a market value assessment where ENNEMOSER CONSULTING can support you:

  • Sucessor planning, business transfers or mergers; resignation of a family member
  • Asset disputes (e.g. inheritance and divorce cases)
  • Joining or withdrawing of shareholders/partners from corporations or partnerships
  • Determination of business assets
  • Turn-around, restructuring, redevelopment

    Innsbruck, December 2019

KEY QUESTION: How do I find the right reputable operator for my business?

Finding a suitable and reputable operator for your hotel or restaurant business is often a lengthy and difficult process. With over 40 years of existence ENNEMOSER CONSULTING has been able to mediate many objects successfully; we are available for your operator search with the following procedure:

  • Preparation of a search profile and fact sheet
  • Search of in-house database
  • Definition of a media plan
  • Initial screening and interviews of applicants
  • Evaluation of references, creditworthiness and suitability
  • Detailed screening and selection of suitable applicants
  • Accompaniment during contract negotiations

    Innsbruck, December 2019

KEY QUESTION: How can I successfully master a crisis in my establishment?

The starting point of any crisis management in a an establishment is to perform a comprehensive review to identify the crisis and to be able to take the correct measures for a successful restructuring and/or reorganization. The process of ENNEMOSER CONSULTING for a successful restructuring takes place in the following phases: 

  • Phase 1: Comprehensive review of current situation
  • Phase 2: Implementation of restructuring measures
  • Phase 3: Exectution of measures taken
  • Phase 4: Control and supervision of implementation process

    Innsbruck, December 2019