HOTEL CLASSIFICATION BY Ennemoser Consulting in Innsbruck

Quality mANAGEMENT. Pre-classification. MYSTERY GUERSTING.

Since 2014, ENNEMOSER CONSULTING has been in charge of the hotel classification in Israel on the basis of a government order of the Israeli government. The classifications are based on the criteria catalogue of the Hotelstars Union. Our team of specialized hotel inspectors has already classified more than 120 hotels in Israel. 

In January 2019, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) extended the contract for hotel classification for another three years.

We make your hotel fit for stars

Dr. Klaus Ennemoser is considered the founding father of the Hotelstars Union, which was founded in 2009 under the auspices of HOTREC (Hospitality Europe). The Hotelstars Union harmonises the hotel classification with common criteria and guidelines in the participating countries.


Austria is a founding member of the Hotelstars Union (hotel classification in 17 European countries). Hotel stars are an important source of information and a promise of quality for the guest. Furthermore, hotel classification is an important marketing tool and a handbook for the operational management of the hotel.


Our team of experts makes a valuable contribution to the optimization of operational processes and conditions or to the quality improvement of your business - of which mystery guesting is an important component. As accredited mystery checkers of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, we take a close look at your business and show you the potential for optimisation and quality.