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Our experts are working on national and international projects providing professional and competent services from a single source. Our clients are tourism related establishments (hotels, holiday resorts, golf resorts, tour operators, restaurant and catering businesses, tourism attractions, etc.) as well as municipalities and tourism organizations. 

We will advise you individually and will develop customized concepts that will comply with your needs.

Our range of service for the tourism sector includes the following products and services:

  • Project development - project appraisal - project management - master planning
    market opportunities, viability in terms of building permit, location and site suitability
  • Feasibility studies
    (rough) examination and assessment of project plans in tourism sector, feasibility check, weak point analysis, optimization of organization, efficiency and profitability of existing establishments, earning forecasts and ROI reporting, cost management, second opinion on existing appraisals
  • Impact analysis and economic significance of projects
    (secondary effects, added value, regional economic effects)
  • Expert opinion & appraisals, business valuations
    real value opinion, income value opinion, market value opinion, property valuation, determination of lease and sales price
  • Juridically accredited expert opinion for tourism and real estate
    for aquisition or sale of hotels, restaurants and catering establishments
  • Strategic and operational marketing concepts
    marketing checks, marketing consulting, monthly marketing consulting, marketing action plans, direct mailing systems, database management, mystery guest analysis
  • Market and location studies
    catchment area and market potentials, market research and trend analysis, SWOT analysis, target group analysis, competitive and touristic environment
  • Controlling and financing concepts
    operational analysis, balance sheet analysis, benchmarking, financing checks, financial plans, financing negotiations
  • Crisis management – restructurierung – reorganization
    cause analysis, time-based management
  • Concepts and plan assessment
    management concepts for hotels, restaurants and catering establishments, functionality and optimized establishment size, development of space allocation plans
  • Organizational planning and human resource management
    legal form concept, contractual arrangements, structural development, business organization, human resources issues, recruiting
  • Construction controlling
    cost evaluation, feasibility calculation, project optimization, construction cost budgeting, controlling
  • Basic research & market research for tourism industry
    strategies, concepts, analysis, studies, databases, trend analysis
  • Benchmarks and reports for tourism industry
    operation comparison and analysis (wages and salaries, restaurant & catering)
  • Basic lectures, workshops and coaching
    as introductory into general and business part of touristic topics, employee training
  • Quality management and hotel classifications
    Mystery guesting, development of hotel criteria catalogue, inspection of compliance with minimum criteria, development of quality strategies
  • Real estate & investor service
    Consulting, handling and management of purchase and sale process of touristic real estate