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Providing over 40 years of consulting services with have created and compiled many studies for the tourism sector with well over 1,000 successful consultations.

Below please find an excerpt of selected references.
As of January 2018

  • 4 star city hotel in Tyrol
    Economic and touristic consultation from development phase to opening of operation
  • Chalet village in Tyrol 
    Feasibility study, business concept, strategic development concept
  • Tourisms and leisure time resort in Tyrol
    Continuous touristic and economic advice for operational opimization and strategic development of resort
  • Heritage inn in Tyrol 
    Search of operator and facility management
  • Family and children hotel in Salzburg
    Real estate appraisal
  • 4 star hotel in Germany
    Strategic consulting project, expert opinion & appraisal
  • 5 star hotel & golf resort in Germany
    Continuous hotel and tourism consultations, mystery guest analysis
  • Tourism company and tour operator in UK
    Strategic project development and consultations, business analysis
  • 4 star hotel in Tyrol
    Interim management with hotel operation
  • 4 star hotel in Tyrol
    Reschedulung, restructuring and operational optimization
  • 4 star hotel in Salzburg
    Expert opinion and business valuation, restructuring, financing
  • Hotel project Montenegro
    Construction cost revision, controlling concept, operational optimization, expert opinion, executive recruitment
  • Tourism resort Croatia
    Feasibility study, potential analysis and market assessment
  • 4 season resort Krasnojarsk, Russia
    Expert opinion and business valuation, project development, feasibility study
  • Ski-resort development in Ukraine
    Resort development, feasibility study
  • Hotel & golf resort Belize (Central America)
    Project development
  • Several projects in Europe and in the Alps-Adriatic region in tourism and touristic real estate
  • Public touristic facilities and organizations
    Continuous touristic consulting services
  • Economic Chamber of Commerce Austria - Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
    Start-up entrepreneurial consultations


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